Jewellery, trinkets, and other paraphernalia are charged with reminiscences. Scent, too, dwells in one's subconscious, attached to moments lived.
Louise Huyghe is a scent artist and visual storyteller. She carefully gathers bits and pieces of nostalgia, to tell new stories of a bygone age.

Note from Louise

I am slowly getting ready to start selling some pieces of scented jewellery. For now, you can buy my fragrant work on louisehuyghe.com, and follow the process on instagram at @louise.f.m.huyghe!

♪ exciting things coming soon ♪

On Display

Dutch Design Week 2023: fragrant video installation in collaboration with Jip Schalkx at De Fabriek, Eindhoven.

Dutch Design Week 2022: Graduation Show, Eindhoven.Jip


For work, inquiries or collaborations, please get in touch.

+32 (0)4 78 78 7208
@louise.francoise.mathilde (insta)
Brussels, (BE)

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